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Live-In Care

Home is where the heart is and so many memories have been made, and the thought of ever leaving can be worrying, particularly when faced with reduced independence and the belief that nursing or residential home admission is your only viable option to remain safe.

With Living Plus Care Services’ 24-hour live-in care service, a healthcare assistant or support worker can move into your home with you to provide a bespoke care service, supporting you to remain independent in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you have complex nursing care needs or just require some support in doing everyday tasks, our 24-hour live-in care team can provide a service tailored to your needs. Our 24-hour live-in care service, brings peace of mind to your friends and family, knowing that you are benefiting from the expert care of highly skilled healthcare professionals, in the place where you are most comfortable.


Personal Care

When you are unable to take care of yourself or move from one place to another due to illness, you would want to be taken care of.

That is why our personal care service is designed to take care of your day-to-day living, as well as providing you with the encouragement and emotional support that you may need to remain living independently.

Our Personal Care service can support you with getting in and out of your bed, dressing, administering medication, bathing and continence care, at a time to suit your convenience. Maintaining your dignity is of paramount importance to us, which is why our caregivers will ensure you feel comfortable at all times.


Hospital-To-Home Care

When admitted to the hospital, you may look forward to returning to your own home, to recuperate in the place where you feel most comfortable and relaxed.

With increased care requirements, you may fear that you will not be able to go home and instead will need to move into a nursing or residential home.

Our Hospital to Home service, can enable you to return home after a stay in the hospital. We can help you settle back into your familiar surroundings.

Whether you require a high level of care or just a little support with activities of daily living during your recuperation period, as part of our hospital to home service, we can provide a nurse, healthcare assistant or support worker to assist you.


Holiday Care

We know that there is nothing quite like a holiday to recharge your batteries, and just because you need regular care, it does not mean you should have to go without a break. Our holiday care service allows you to have the flexibility to take your care with you, across the UK.

Our holiday care service, supports individuals who find it difficult to go on holiday due to the level of care and support that they require whilst away from home, often resulting in them not getting the break they need.

We can provide a healthcare assistant or support worker, to accompany you on holiday in the UK and to support you with your activities of daily living. This can be with you individually, or with your family and friends. Having the support of a professional carer allows you and your family to relax, safe in the knowledge that you are getting the personal attention and support that you need to get the most out of your holiday.


Social Companionship Care

The comfort we feel in our home is like no other. It is the place where you feel most relaxed and happy. However, as family members grow up and move into their own homes, you may find your house isn’t as busy as it once was and there aren’t as many people around to give you that extra hand when you need it.

Living Plus Care Services’s Social Companionship service gives you the support you need to live independently, providing you with the assistance of a nurse, healthcare assistant or support worker at times to suit your convenience.

Our Social Companionship service is most suited to individuals who will benefit from having the reassurance that someone is there with them, to offer support when it is needed. It also provides peace of mind for family members who are unable to regularly visit, as they know their loved one is being cared for.


Night Care

We all know that a good nights sleep is essential to everyday health and for the more vulnerable, an unsettled night can lead to greater care requirements throughout the day.

Research has proven that a person’s night-time experiences, have a dramatic effect on their daily care requirements. A poor nights sleep impacts on a person’s ability to undertake daily tasks, can leave them more unsteady on their feet and can result in increased levels of confusion.

In addition, ongoing poor sleep patterns can lead to isolation throughout the day when catching up on sleep. This could result in a person being unable to interact when family and friends visit or may struggle to engage at a level that they normally would and become more anxious about night-time hours.

With this in mind, care and support throughout the night in the form of a night care service, can be as important as providing care throughout the day.


Respite Care

Respite Care ensures that your loved one’s care and support needs are still met in your absence. This can be less disruptive than putting your loved one into temporary residential care as it means routines continue and that your loved one can remain in familiar surroundings with their local support system. Living Plus Care Services respite carers understand that allowing someone else to come into your home can be a tough decision and as such they, recognise the importance of planning this temporary care around your needs, with minimal disruption.

Respite Care can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on your particular needs. Of course, respite care isn’t only available for when you need a break – it can be provided in an emergency situation if you become ill or have to go into hospital at short notice. Respite Care can also be invaluable if you and your loved one want to try out home care for a short period to see whether it works for you.

As with our other care services, respite care can provide support for various conditions including Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Strokes, Cancer, and more. We can help you find temporary live-in or part-time respite care. This has the dual benefit of being more affordable than residential care and keeping your loved one in their own home.


Palliative Care

When you are suffering from a life-threatening illness, it can be a painful time for both you and your loved ones. Our Palliative Care at home service aims to support you during this difficult time, making life more comfortable for everyone involved.

Our Palliative Care at home service, supports adults who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and wish to remain living in the comfort of their own homes. This service can be provided at all possible stages of illness, diagnosis, treatment, cure, death, and bereavement.

The main objective of our Palliative Care at home service, is to achieve the best quality of life for you as well as your family. We understand that your family and friends may have strong feelings about your condition and it may be difficult for you to express your feelings for fear of upsetting them.

We can help you and your loved ones to discuss your feelings and provide extra support. In addition, we can provide support through periods of bereavement.


Specialist care

Living Plus Care Services is a Specialist Care provider providing service for adult clients. We are committed to enabling you or your loved one to continue enjoying an active, rewarding and independent life. Following a careful assessment of your health and social care needs. We will develop a comprehensive person-centred plan of care based on the identified needs. Your care plan is regularly reviewed to ensure its suitability to your health and social care needs.

“Caregiving often calls us to lean into love we didn’t know possible”
– Tia Walker
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Stories From Our Patients

Don’t take our word for it. Read what our service users have to say about the homecare services we provide.

My Nan has been using the homecare services of DivinityCareServices for years now and I must say that they have exceeded my expectations. They are very kind, compassionate and nice.

    Kirsty Melton
    Kirsty Melton

    Service User

    My carer is very caring, attentive and helpful. She is indeed an asset to DivinityCareServices and the Healthcare sector.

      Harmony Khan
      Harmony Khan

      Service User

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      Common Question From Patients

      Too busy to call us? here are some answers to the questions you might have.

      While some private duty homecare caregivers are exceptionally good, they have many limitations that homecare agencies in Hartfield do not. When a private caregiver is unable to work, there is no backup coverage. You are also responsible for caregiver vetting and background checks and purchasing sufficient liability insurance to cover any accidents or injuries in the home.

      If you value safety, security, and reliability, home care is the best option. Divinity Care Services is insured and manages the performance and scheduling of our caregivers. We also have backup caregivers available to fill in 24/7 when needed.

      We offer a wide range of homecare services to seniors and people living with disabilities at any age. We also offer hospital-to-home care, private-duty nurses, and care management. Our clients come from within Hertfordshire, and their families have unique requests and expectations that we meet on a personalised basis.

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